Constellix Offers Early Access to Production Suite for DNS Made Easy Enterprise Members

(Reston, VA) Constellix has entered the final stage of their beta tag and is now allowing a select few DNS Made Easy enterprise clients to move over to the Constellix network. Users will be able to monitor and control their query traffic through the integrated web console, use the fully functional mobile applications, and receive 24/7 support.

“The beta tag will be completely removed Q1 2016, and access to Constellix will no longer be limited to DNS Made Easy members,” says President of Constellix Steven Job. “The clients we’ve transitioned over to the Constellix network have told us they’re enjoying unprecedented control and visibility of their domains.”

Sister company of Constellix, DNS Made Easy, has been a leader in the DNS industry for the past 14 years providing traffic management services for organizations of all sizes. Constellix has built upon their sister company’s proud history and is combining traffic management with monitoring solutions through the Sonar platform.

Constellix Sonar recently made news when the engineers released a mobile app, Sonar Lite, which is available to the public for free rather than just DNS Made Easy members. Sonar Lite gives users a sneak peak at the upcoming features in the full Constellix Sonar platform, such as TCP and DNS checks. These checks will be combined with custom alerting built or teams, and intelligent analytics to help administrators troubleshoot and optimize their network performance.

“Many of our long-term clients from DNS Made Easy have been eager to move over to Constellix, because it will incorporate client requests from DNSME users over the past 14 years,” says Job.

Dozens of features from the intuitive dashboard to how alerts are configured, all came from user requests. Some of the same users who made these requests will be part of the upcoming group of enterprise clients to move to Constellix.

About Constellix

Constellix is a subsidiary of Tiggee LLC, the creators of DNS Made Easy, and the world leader in providing global IP Anycast enterprise DNS services. Constellix is the only traffic management solution built for the cloud that combines DNS management with monitoring solutions. Constellix DNS is the most powerful and precise DNS query management platform, fully integrated with the Sonar monitoring platform. Users can quickly change routing configurations based on the analysis from Sonar alerts. Constellix Sonar has integrated tools that offer a range of advanced monitoring features including performance optimization, troubleshooting, real-time logging, and alert management built for teams.




Constellix is a traffic management suite offering advanced DNS hosting and network monitoring services. Start optimizing your online performance today!

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Constellix is a traffic management suite offering advanced DNS hosting and network monitoring services. Start optimizing your online performance today!

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