Constellix Sonar Upgrades Monitoring Suite for Real-Time Updates

The integrated monitoring and Geo-DNS suite, Constellix, has just released another update package allowing users to see their configured checks in real time. Paired with a faster and easier-to-use UI, Sonar is sparking the conversation about the need for businesses (no matter their technical level of expertise) to invest in reliable monitoring solutions.

(PRWEB) Reston, VA — Constellix Sonar is currently a free monitoring solution for DNS Made Easy users, the industry’s most reliable DNS provider with the longest uptime history of 13 years. Created from feedback and requests from DNS Made Easy users, Constellix Sonar is constantly being updated to meet the needs of users hailing from many different industries and organizations. In the October update package, users will experience a faster and easy-to-use control panel, an optimized UI for faster response times, and real-time updates for configured checks.

“All Internet-based business is dynamic and unpredictable,” says President of Constellix Steven Job, “every business, regardless of industry, needs real-time traffic monitoring to keep up with fluctuations.” While this may seem like common sense, most business owners neglect to accurately monitor their network performance. Sonar is the automated monitoring solution, designed for both the busy business owner and the hobbyist webmaster.

Within the suite, users can not only monitor their web traffic, but they can also collect real-time data, analyze traffic, and receive detailed reports of traffic patterns and historical trends. “That’s the Constellix difference, providing not just results, but actionable solutions that can be configured to make changes using Sonar intelligence,” says Job. Sonar’s intelligence is the product of in-depth packet analytics paired with a massive global infrastructure, allowing Sonar to penetrate every available market and user-base. Sonar Intelligence takes analytics to the next level, taking calculated actions based on both real-time and historical data.

While Sonar Intelligence is constantly evolving to meet the demands of modern markets, our engineers are optimizing the early detection system of Sonar Checks to stay ahead of traffic fluctuations. Now Sonar Checks are updated in real time, so users can instantly see status changes within the control panel without having to refresh their browser. Using web sockets Sonar can send a push notification to users’ browsers if the status of a check changes. Now users can simply open the Sonar dashboard and view constantly updated data regarding the status of their checks without the need to reload.

If you haven’t tried Constellix Sonar yet, it’s as simple as logging into the control panel with a DNS Made Easy account. Whether you’re a seasoned IT administrator or a regional business owner, Sonar Intelligence can keep your business online 100% of the time.

About Constellix
Constellix is a subsidiary of Tiggee LLC, the creators of DNS Made Easy, and the world leader in providing global IP Anycast enterprise DNS services. Using Constellix Sonar, users can monitor their online infrastructure performance, troubleshoot issues, and resolve problems with a Cloud-based Traffic Management Suite. The only Traffic Management Service of its kind that helps fuel end-user experiences to incomparable levels.

Constellix DNS features maximum DNS speeds and industry topping layers of redundancy. Built upon DNS Made Easy’s industry leading 13 year 100% uptime record, Constellix DNS builds on a proud history of reliability and is the preferred DNS hosting choice for companies big or small.