Guide to Site Performance and Domain Latency

What is Latency?

Why Is Network Latency Important for Domains?

What Does it Take to Load a Website?

Network Latency: Common Causes and Problems for Domains

List- How Premium DNS Can Help With Domain Latency Issues

1. Reduces lookup time

2. Identifies domain issues

3. Fast DNS and CDN providers

4. Improves conversion rates and SEO

5. Strategic domain mapping

6. DNS prefetching

7. ANAME (CNAME Flattening)

Did you know?: The creator of DNS Made Easy and Constellix was one of the innovators behind ANAME technology. Before ANAMEs existed, we used API calls to achieve the same result, and later, developed our own record, which we coined “ANAME Record.”

Latency Solution List — Constellix

USE CASE: Traffic Steering

1. Internet Traffic Optimization (ITO)

2. Geo Proximity

3. Weighted Round Robin (Load Balancing)

4. Multi-CDN Management/RUM ITO‍

5. DNS Query Reports and Statistics

How to Measure Latency?

1. Time to First Byte (TTFB)

2. Round trip time (RTT)

3. Start Render Time

Industries Where Network and Domain Latency are Most Critical

Online DNS and Latency Checkers

Premium DNS and Monitoring Solutions to Help Domain Latency



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