How Advanced DNS Monitoring Can Protect and Optimize Web Traffic

Any small business or enterprise-level organization with an online presence should set the domain name system (DNS) as one of its top priorities. After all, each request for your website starts with a DNS lookup. As I mentioned in a previous blog, speed is everything. It’s critical that domain owners use the fastest and most reliable provider possible.

But there is something else your domain might be missing: Advanced DNS Monitoring.

In today’s blog, I’ll be covering this crucial, but tragically overlooked feature, why it’s important, and specially curated solutions that enhance your DNS performance and keep your domain protected.

What is DNS Monitoring?

Why is Advanced DNS Monitoring Important for Your Website?

When using an advanced DNS monitoring service, you’re not privy to just seeing your DNS traffic. You get a lot more bells and whistles than that. It’s like having your very own DNS surveillance system. You can see real-time and historical domain activity. This data allows IT teams to analyze traffic patterns and optimize traffic based on end-user location. It also helps improve your overall DNS speed and performance while simultaneously enhancing the customer experience. With the ability to pinpoint where your visitors are coming from, you can create geo-specific rules that get them to your content faster.

But wait, it gets better!

Advanced DNS monitoring adds an extra layer of security to your domain. When you have a watchful eye on your web traffic, you’ll be able to spot anything out of the ordinary and take action before any disruption of service occurs. For example, during a DDoS attack, which is notorious for targeting DNS servers, there is almost always a noticeable spike in traffic before things get out of control. A premium solution would immediately alert teams to the potential threat.

Of course, not all traffic spikes are malicious. And dips in queries can indicate a problem too. The right monitoring tool will also assist with determining whether traffic spikes are legitimate and identifying misconfiguration errors that cause an excess or decrease in queries. This can help cut costs, ensure a smoother end-user experience, and even help with marketing and SEO tactics.

Advanced DNS Monitoring Solutions at Constellix

With such powerful tools at their fingertips, teams can protect and optimize your organization’s domain and construct creative, out-of-the-box workflows that aren’t possible anywhere else.

1.Sonar Performance Monitoring

2. Real-time Traffic Anomaly Detection (RTTAD)

3. Query Reports and Statistics and Real-time Logs

Advanced DNS Monitoring Examples Based on Real Constellix Users

How IT Teams Stopped a Potential DDoS Attack With Real-time Anomaly Detection

How DNS Monitoring Helped Solve A Decreased Query Mystery

Using Advanced DNS Analytics Identified Unwanted or Suspicious Web Traffic Coming From Blocks of IP Addresses

Advanced DNS Monitoring: The Ultimate Solution For Small Businesses and Enterprise-Level Organizations

This, of course, starts with DNS resolution speed and 100% uptime. An advanced monitoring solution is like the cherry on top. It’s the “secret weapon” that can be used both offensively and defensively. Once you start using it, you’ll never look at DNS the same way again.

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