What is a DNS IP address?

A major player in DNS is the IP address. It is one of the cornerstones of the internet that keeps devices connected.

IP Address Definition

IP addresses provide the identification required for devices to send data over the internet or a local network.

Does my IP Address Change When I Move Locations?

The same goes for mobile devices. You may be on a business trip or down the street working from a coffee shop. You are using a different IP address based on your current location. The establishment’s ISP assigns you with a new IP address to use on their connection.

Devices come preset with software that contains rules for them to connect to the internet and swap information and data back and forth. This is all part of the internet of things or IoT.

Types of IP Addresses

IP Address Types

Public IP Addresses

Private IP Addresses

connectivity dns fac
connectivity dns fac

Tech Byte: In 2020, the average number of connected devices per household was 10 and an estimated 35 billion will be installed around the world by 2021.

Dynamic IP Addresses

Static IP addresses

Website IP Address Types

Shared IP addresses

Dedicated IP addresses

IP Address Versions: IPv4 and IPv6

IP Address Classification

Unicasting addressing

Broadcast addressing

Multicast IP addresses

Anycast addressing

IP Address Example

internet security fact — constellix
internet security fact — constellix

IP addresses are expressed as a set of four numbers, with each ranging from 0 to 255. Here are a few IP address examples:

ip address example
ip address example

What Is My IP?

Finding My IP for Windows Users

Finding My IP for Mac Users

You might be wondering why you would need to know your IP address. This information might be necessary when troubleshooting internet issues. You also need it to utilize remote services to control machines on your network. The setup of some devices requires you to know it as well. More information can be found on our What Is My IP Address resource page.

IP Addresses Give Devices an Identity

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